brass and bone bolo tie

brass and bone bolo tie


Hey ya'll! This listing is for one handcrafted brass and bone bolo tie featuring a stunning alligator scute. 


Do you love bolo ties or know someone who does?! Then you're gonna wanna go ahead and add this baby to your cart right now! This bolo tie offers an original take on a timeless classic. It is made with real leather bolo cord and a brass squeeze action bolo slide to make it super easy to get on and off. The best part is, they are made to last, so elevate your bolo tie collection (or your dads) with confidence knowing it will be with you for years to come!


I start these beauties by coating the alligator scute with a thin layer of epoxy to make them super durable. Next I glue the bolo slide on the back with E6000 to ensure the best hold possible. Once the slides are connected I go ahead and string the cord through, add the brass coil caps, and ta-da another BANGIN babe is born!


To keep your new treasure looking fresh for as long as possible do not shower, swim or sleep with it on.