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the BOXY hair pin

the BOXY hair pin


Hey babe! This listing is for one handcrafted BOXY hair pin.

Do you love our classic brass hair pins but wanna switch up your look from time to time?! I totally get it, so I created these boxy brass hair pins just for you! This design boasts the same elegant simplicity as the original but with a bit of an edge. I also added a super cute hammered detail to the top, just to give it a little extra pop! No matter where the day takes you this beauty will fit right in. It's super easy to use and with just a little practice you will be on your way to enjoying excellent all day hold that doesn't damage your hair. It comes in three different sizes for you to choose from to ensure you get the perfect fit for your specific hair. Basically, the amount of hair you have will correlate with the size you'll need. For example if you have a short style and thin hair you're gonna want to go with the SMALL, if you have hair that's long and thick you will need the LARGE, if you fall somewhere in the middle, you need the MEDIUM. This babe has made it onto my all time favorite hair accessory list and I know you're going to love it too! I start these beauties by cutting the 8G brass wire to the appropriate length. Next I use my baby belt sander to form each end of the wire into dull points that can easily glide through your hair without catching or poking. Once the ends are good to go, I give the whole piece a thorough sanding then bend the 90 degree angles in it to create the squared end. I finish it off with a little hammering, and another BANGIN babe is born.

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