tiny bone jar necklace

tiny bone jar necklace


Hello beautiful! This listing is for one handcrafted brass and bone layer necklace, featuring a tiny jar full of some gorgeous armadillo scutes.


Are you looking to uplevel your look this halloween? Well then, I've got just the necklace for you! This necklace is the perfect combo of classy with a little spooky, and it is sure to turn a few heads. (hopefully not all the way around cause thats a bit too creepy!) The best part is, it’s made to last, so elevate your jewelry collection with confidence knowing this babe will be with you for a scary long time!


To start this beauty I fill the jars with scutes, then wrap a piece of brass wire around the neck of the bottle to hang it from. Next, I cut all the brass wire pieces that we need for the design to the appropriate length. Then I form each hanging layer piece into the perfect shape, making sure they all match up at the top so they will hang perfectly together. Once I have all those pieces done, I form the top hanger piece that they will hang from. Next I get to put all the pieces together, which is definitely my favorite part! All that's left to do now is add the gold plated chain and ta-da another BANGIN babe is born!


The pendant measures 3 inches long and 1 inch wide.

The chain is 20 inches long.


Every BANGIN order comes with a sunshine polishing cloth and a pro-polish polishing pad to help you keep your brass components shining!

To keep your jewelry looking bright and shiny for as long as possible do not shower, swim or sleep with it on!



I love all animals and my jewelry is a symbol of my appreciation for them and the lives they once lived. Most of the bones I use are hand collected by me or my loved ones from animals that are already dead. We find them in the woods, on railroad tracks, at the beach, and many other pockets of nature.